Ten Mile Creek Brewery is a six barrel brewery located in the historic Last Chance Walking Mall. The brewery opened in October of 2015  with the location snug between The Hawthorn Bottle Shop and Helena’s favorite chocolate store, The Parrot. Ten Mile Creek was founded by Three local Montana’s Jordan Keltz, Ethan Kohoutek, and Riley Tubbs. The brewery was built with local products including the bar and tables which are all made of betel killed tree’s harvested near Helena.
Our namesake “Ten Mile Creek” comes from our most important ingredient, water.  The creek is in the beer. The watershed supplies most of Helena, including our brewery, with clean water making for a great craft beer.  Each batch has Montana grown barley and all other ingredients are sourced as local as possible. Because of our small brew system size we are able to experiment often with new brews. We hope that each visit to Ten Mile Creek Brewery gives you something new to taste and always a great environment to be in.
Ten Mile Creek Brewery is a great place for meetings or parties.  We rent our space to private events and are always welcoming to groups looking for a place to converse. At Ten Mile Creek Brewery we consider ourselves “a somewhat organized community” partnering with as many local businesses and non-profits as possible. Downtown is the culture of our city and Ten Mile Creek Brewery hopes to be key in creating a lasting vibrant downtown for the whole city to enjoy.


(from left to right co-owners Ethan Kohoutek, Riley Tubbs, Jordan Keltz)

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